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Public Health Law Positions

The Visiting Attorney, Public Health Law Practice position is a post-J.D. experience designed to develop skills and competencies in practice-based public health law that will advance participating attorneys’ public health law careers and prepare them for employment within local, state, federal or tribal public health organizations.

The National Coordinating Center of the Network for Public Health Law at William Mitchell College of Law will choose five applicants to hold a full-time, one-year appointment in one of five host sites, with funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:

  • American Public Health Association, Partnership for Public Health Law, Washington, D.C., Supervising Mentor: John Bloom, J.D., Director
  • Mid-States Region, Network for Public Health Law, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Ann Arbor, MI, Supervising Mentor: Denise Chrysler, J.D., Director
  • Public Health Law Center, William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, MN, Supervising Mentor: Doug Blanke, J.D., Director
  • Public Health Law & Policy, Oakland, CA, Supervising Mentor: Linda Merola, J.D., Senior Staff Attorney
  • Western Region, Network for Public Health Law, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, Supervising Mentor: James G. Hodge Jr., J.D., L.L.M., Director

Note: Applicants should not contact these sites directly. All inquiries should be e-mailed to Please read the Frequently Asked Questions prior to inquiry.

The visiting attorneys will work as staff attorneys at the host site, participating in site activities and providing legal technical assistance to public health agencies, researchers and other requestors. The recipients will work under the supervision of a senior mentor, interact and learn with a cohort through in-person and virtual monthly meetings, and attend the National Public Health Law Conference in October. The visiting attorneys will be expected to complete a special in-depth project, and will be given opportunities and guidance to complete core competency experiences for successful public health law practice. Some travel to national and regional meetings will be required.

The program builds upon the National Coordinating Center of the Network and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s public health law initiative and the strengths of the host sites, offering recipients networks of public health agency leaders and counsel. Broad exposure to current legal issues faced by public health agencies and opportunities to research these issues and develop practical guidance provides a rich milieu in which to hone legal skills relevant for a career in public health law.

Stipend and Benefits
The recipients will receive a salary in the range of $50,000 - $60,000 plus benefits, including health coverage. This salary may be adjusted slightly, depending on post J.D. or other experience and host site location, taking into consideration federal geographic pay grade differentials.

Applicants must hold a J.D. or equivalent degree in law (or receive one by June 30, 2012). Preference will be given to applicants with 1-2 years experience in law or public health (acquired while on the job, in school or a combination) and an M.P.H. or equivalent public health degree or experience. Applicants must be a licensed member of the bar in a state or be registered to take the bar exam in July, 2012. They must be U.S. Citizens, U.S. Resident Non-Citizen Nationals, or Resident Foreign Nationals at the time of application. Host sites are equal opportunity employers.

Key Dates

  • Online Application Open: March 8, 2012
  • Letters of Reference: submitted by April 25, 2012
  • Application Deadline:  May 1, 2012 – 3 p.m. ET
  • Award Announcements: July 2, 2012
  • Visiting Attorney, Public Health Law Practice Start Date: September 17, 2012
For application information, go directly to the position announcement.

Land Use Program Manager - Missoula, Montana

Land Use Program Manager to help develop community food system: Community Food & Ag Coalition

The Community Food & Agriculture Coalition (CFAC) is seeking a Land Use
Program Manager to lead our grassroots farmland conservation and beginning
farmer efforts.  The position is responsible for tracking subdivisions on
agricultural land, advocating and organizing for farmland conservation policy
in the City and County of Missoula, and developing CFAC’s beginning farmer
initiatives.  More information about these programs is on our website:  This is a full-time, year-round position that reports
directly to the Executive Director.

CFAC’s mission is to develop and strengthen Missoula County's food system:
promoting sustainable agriculture; building regional self-reliance; and
assuring all citizens equal access to healthy, affordable, and culturally-
appropriate food.  CFAC facilitates dialogue, education, and collaboration
within the community, encouraging creative problem-solving and proactive
policy advocacy.  It is essential for all staff, including the Land Use
Program Manager, to embrace this vision and grassroots approach.  As a small
organization with a holistic mission, all staff contribute to projects across
the organization, regardless of their job titles.

•       Staff CFAC’s Land Use & Ag Viability Committee, scheduling and
attending monthly meetings and carrying out tasks between meetings.
•       Represent CFAC in public meetings regarding subdivisions, farmland
conservation, and beginning farmers, along with Executive Director.
•       Reach out to CFAC members and general public through earned media.
•       Organize events to educate and update CFAC members about the land use
and organizational work.
•       Send timely action alerts and newsletters to CFAC members.
•       Maintain CFAC’s website.
•       Write, track, and report on grants related to farmland conservation
and beginning farmer support.
•       Track past and future land use policy decisions by Missoula’s City
Council, County Commission, and Montana State Legislature.
•       Research strategies to conserve farmland and support beginning
•       Actively maintain solid public relations with elected officials,
government agencies, and community organizations and businesses.
•       Support communications through the news and social media as well as
written reports.
•       Present CFAC’s work at conferences and forums across the state and
country along with Executive Director.
•       Manage interns and volunteers.
•       Report to the Executive Director regularly, while maintaining self-

•       In-depth experience with land use planning, agriculture, and
agricultural resources.
•       Experience with grassroots organizing and conservation.
•       College degree, graduate degree preferred.
•       Understanding of and support for CFAC’s vision of food, agriculture,
and conservation.
•       Excellent communication, public speaking, writing, research, and
project management skills.
•       Ability to work independently, take initiative, meet deadlines, and
relate cooperatively and constructively with a diversity of stakeholders.
•       Solid computer skills, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
•       Experience working collaboratively with government agencies.
•       Experience with media relations is preferred.
•       Fluency with social media (e.g., Facebook) and website maintenance is
•       Valid driver’s license and ability to travel.

Depending on experience, the Land Use Program Manager will earn $30,000-34,000
per year, plus a generous benefits package that includes paid vacation, sick
days, and health insurance.

To apply, please send a resume, including 3 professional or academic
references, and cover letter to Bonnie Buckingham at
The cover letter should cover the following: a) applicant’s personal
connection to CFAC’s mission and work; b) applicant’s past experience with
agriculture, land use planning, and organizational leadership that will
strengthen CFAC’s farmland conservation and beginning farmer initiatives; and
c) specific skills and disposition that qualify the applicant for the position
and organization (e.g., research, collaboration, writing, public speaking,
fundraising, government and media relations, etc.).  The deadline for
applications is April 9, 2012, however, the position will remain open until

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Executive Director for Food for Free in Cambridge, MA

Food For Free Committee, Inc.

Founded in 1981, Food For Free collects fresh food and distributes it within the local emergency food system where it can reach those in need. Through a combination of food rescue, farming, and transportation services, Food For Free gives human service agencies year-round access to fresh fruits and vegetables, while its home delivery program brings food directly to housebound seniors and people with disabilities.

Through its emphasis on fresh produce, Food For Free programs address not only short-term hunger, but also obesity, diet-related disease, and other long-term health effects of food insecurity and poor nutrition.

In addition, food rescue—also called salvage or gleaning—reduces food waste. In 2011, Food For Free’s Produce Rescue program distributed 1,020,000 pounds of food, and partnered with 78 food programs in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, Massachusetts serving approximately 25,000 people.

Food for Free’s Office is a 11 Inman Street in Cambridge, where it is a tenant of the Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC). Although the two agencies are independent of each other, and are governed by separate Boards of Directors, they share facilities and share a mission to serve and empower low-income residents of Cambridge. For more information about Food For Free Committee, Inc., please visit

Executive Director Position

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall leadership, administration and management of the organization, working with a small staff, financial consultants, and the board of directors, to ensure that the mission and objectives of the organization are fulfilled. The Executive Director works collaboratively with the Board of Directors to develop policy and provide appropriate oversight of the organization, and with the staff to implement fundraising and day-to-day operations. Current staff includes a part-time development director responsible for raising money to fund the $400,000 annual budget and promoting the important work of the organization; an operations manager, the drivers and assistants who collect and deliver food, and a farm manager who oversees a seasonal organic farming operation. The Executive Director also represents the Committee at public functions and hearings, and in the media, serving as the face of Food For Free, and as an advocate in the ongoing fight against hunger.

The Executive Director ensures efficient and effective operation of the following programs:

· Produce Rescue and Delivery Program – Rescues fresh food that might otherwise go to waste and delivers to organizations that make up the emergency food network

· Transportation Partnership Program – picks up food from the Greater Boston Food Bank for Cambridge food programs that do not have their own transportation

· Home Delivery Program – brings food to low-income Cambridge residents who cannot access food pantries due to illness or disability

· Field of Greens – Food For Free’s own quarter-acre organic farming operation hosted by Lindentree Farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

The Executive Director is responsible for competent, accurate and proper financial management, ensuring adherence to the annual budget as established with the Board of Directors; overseeing the work of the independent bookkeeper, and working with the auditor to prepare all financial documents. The Executive Director also oversees the participation of volunteers, including recruitment, training and scheduling to maximize productivity of the organization.

Opportunities and Challenges

Due to the hard work of the staff and Directors, Food For Free is in a strong financial and operational position, and is developing strategy for the future. The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors to set priorities for the organization, and create and execute a strategic plan.

The challenges are to manage the organization’s growth and to direct resources appropriately, and to build the Board of Directors and broaden the constituency for the organization.

Skills and Qualifications

· Commitment to FFF mission; familiarity with food/agricultural issues & operations as they relate to FFF

· Familiarity with nonprofit/human services environment and fundraising for nonprofits

· Budget management and financial skills

· Strong interpersonal skills and integrity; ability to engage confidently, communicate, and work productively with full range of stakeholders—food donors, recipient agencies, staff, CEOC, funding and governmental agencies, board, volunteers, donors, businesses, etc. Ability to establish deep and lasting relationships at all levels. Ability to project “face of agency.”

· Strong leadership & organizational management skills: motivate individuals to work hard for the team and for team members to work together

· Logistics management and ability to steer a small organization with “many moving parts”; show consistency and steadiness in fast-paced and changing environment

· “Logistics management” in a literal sense. FFF owns two trucks, and contracts with other firms that provide pickup and delivery of produce. Working with the Operations Manager, it is critical to the mission of FFF that pickups and deliveries be scheduled and completed, that FFF vehicles be maintained in safe working order, and that FFF be flexible in its food pickups and deliveries. Flexibility in operations may include adding new food suppliers, scheduling expanded deliveries, accommodating changing needs of established food suppliers and delivery sites, and providing logistical support to other hunger relief organizations.

· Good judgment, analysis, problem-solving and decision-making skills, particularly as they relate to obtaining and distributing food to meet the needs of FFF and managing/responding to market conditions

· Willingness to be flexible and assist in operational roles is often required in a small organization such as FFF to sustain timely services.

· Knowledge of community a plus, along with established connections to said community

How to Apply

Due to the pace of this search, candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, and applications will be reviewed as they are received. All applications received by April 16, 2012 will be reviewed by the selection committee.

To apply please send your resume and cover letter Your cover letter should describe your interest and qualifications, your salary history, and where you learned of the position. Documents should be in either Word or PDF format and applications that do not include a cover letter will not be considered. In order to expedite the internal sorting and reviewing process, please type your name (Last, First) in the subject line of your email. All applications must be submitted via email.

Director, VLS Center for Agriculture and Food Systems

For more information visit:

Position Description

Vermont Law School seeks a Director for its newly created Center for Agriculture and Food Systems. The mission of the Center is to promote economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture and food systems through legal and policy research and scholarship; public outreach, education, and technical assistance; and education of the next generation of scholars, practitioners, and advocates.

The Center will serve as a developer and incubator of new thinking on agricultural and food law and policy by creating and distributing scholarly, technical, and practical publications; providing forums and conferences for professional education and policy development; and promoting studies and research on food and agricultural issues. The Center will also support advocates, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, food hubs, incubators, and farmers investigating reform and resiliency of agricultural and food systems in Vermont and the rest of the United States. The work of the Center is expected to focus on legal and policy issues related to such topics as: community-based agriculture and food networks, development of a sustainable food system, the regulation of food and the externalities associated with agricultural production, the Farm Bill and agricultural subsidies, school and entitlement program nutrition policy, energy-efficient food production, food labeling and eco-labeling, food safety, energy independence for farmers, biotechnology and bioengineering, the global food chain, preservation of working landscapes, and promotion of economically and socially vibrant communities. The Center will serve as a focal point for VLS students taking courses in agricultural and food law and policy, conducting research and doing externship in these areas, and seeking employment opportunities in this emerging field.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Direct the administration, development, and operations of the Center, as well as represent the Center and Vermont Law School in policy discussions, at scholarly conferences and at public outreach events.

•Develop relationships on behalf the Center and VLS with farmers, federal and state agencies, private foundations, non-governmental organizations, and other academic institutions.

• Initiate and manage a program of independent legal and policy research related to sustainable food and agriculture, engage in policy outreach, as well as create opportunities for student research and publications.

• Develop a program of technical legal services for farmers and food entrepreneurs practicing sustainable methods, thereby advancing the goal of establishing economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture and food systems while providing educational opportunities for students.

• Work with farmers and other key stakeholders to develop and enhance initiatives that bolster local food systems in order to help build resilient local economies, boost farmer income, enhance consumer access to fresh food, and spur community economic development.

• Lead the further development of VLS's curriculum addressing the relationship between food systems, agriculture policy, law, and the environment.

• Teach a courses or courses related to agriculture and food land and policy.

• Develop student programming, including externship, internship, and employment opportunities.

• Organize conferences, workshops, academic exchanges with faculty at other law schools, and promote inter-institutional cooperation.

• Take a lead role in developing additional sources of financial support for the Center over the long-term.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Program Director for Winrock International in AR or VA

Program Director, Agriculture
Effective with the release of this position announcement, Winrock International will be recruiting applicants for the position of Program Director for its Agriculture unit. The responsibilities, duties and qualifications for this position are described in the attached position description.
Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to increase economic opportunity, sustain natural resources, and protect the environment. Program emphasis includes education and children and youth leadership, gender equity and women's empowerment, civil society strengthening, agricultural productivity, forestry and natural resource management, rural enterprise and employment, and renewable energy. Winrock matches innovative approaches with the unique needs of its partners. By linking local individuals and communities with new ideas and technology, Winrock is increasing long-term productivity, equity, and responsible resource management to benefit the poor and disadvantaged of the world.
The annual salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Winrock provides excellent benefits including: life, disability, and health (medical and dental) insurance; retirement contribution and accrued paid sick and vacation leave.
Applicants may go to Winrock’s Job Page at to submit a current resume and cover letter. Winrock International is an equal opportunity andaffirmative action employer.

Position Description
POSITION TITLE: Program Director, Agriculture
DEPARTMENT: Enterprise & Agriculture
REPORTS TO: Group Vice President, Enterprise & Agriculture
LOCATION: TBD - Little Rock, AR or Arlington, VA
COORDINATES WITH: Other Winrock Program Directors, Winrock Operations & Finance Directors and Winrock Country Representatives
, .
The Program Director for the Agriculture unit is responsible for leading Winrock’s development and implementation of its strategic vision for the agriculture and food security sector; including development in the fields of sustainable production, marketing, and agriculture technology in Winrock’s global programs. The position is also responsible for developing and meeting new program funding targets as well as leading the design and submission of project/program proposals to potential donors, in both government and private sectors.
· Develop and direct Winrock’s long-term strategic planning for programs in agriculture and food security.
· Provide leadership in identifying, developing, tracking, and securing new program funding for Winrock’s agriculture and food security programs.
· Assure timely and successful implementation of all Winrock agriculture projects/programs worldwide.
· Manage/supervise all Winrock technical and technical support staff working in agriculture in the U.S. and worldwide.
· Support Country Representatives and other Winrock Program Directors in strategic planning as well as identifying and implementing new business opportunities for country specific programs in agriculture.
· Represent Winrock International in all strategic and program matters related to agriculture.
· Manage relationship activities on behalf of the Agriculture unit both internally at Winrock, externally with partners/collaborators and in the donor community.
This position requires strong management skills in order to effectively supervise all unit staff, oversee technical and research activities, and implement global projects/programs. The position also requires a demonstrated ability to design and write agricultural approaches as well as interventions for proposals. Strong interpersonal, team building, technical, and management skills are essential. The Program Director, Agriculture should be well versed in development issues and be committed to sustainable agriculture with its requirements for stability, resilience, close interaction with community and environmental health. He/she should have a wide network of professional contacts within the U.S. and the international sustainable development community, have considerable overseas experience, and command respect and professional stature among his/her peers.
Education: Masters Degree required, MBA or Ph.D. in related field preferred.
Experience: l Minimum of ten years relevant experience in agriculture and related fields including business
planning, proposal management, project administration and staff management in programs
financed by the USG, multilateral donors, and the UN.
l International experience working and living in a developing country is preferred with specific interest
in Africa and Asia.
l Minimum of 5 years experience with a notable track record of managing innovative proposal teams and securing new business.
l Experience in the private sector is highly valued.
Skills: l Strong business skills, an understanding of human resource management, business planning,
and achieving tangible financial results, are required.
l Excellent verbal and written communications skills in English and at least one other language.
l Demonstrated ability to interact effectively and sensitively with a broad cross-section of internal staff and external donors at the senior as well as grass roots level are essential.
l Sound analytical skills, including ability to understand contemporary development concepts, themes and issues and present them clearly and effectively.
l Cultural awareness and sensitivity.
l Demonstrated strong organizational management and networking skills, including management of multiple tasks and conflict resolution.
l Understanding of the importance of gender in development and the ability to include gender analysis in program development.
l Effective “hands-on” user of Microsoft Office (especially Word and Excel).

Fellowship in Sustainable Urban Food Systems at Butler University

Butler University’s Center for Urban Ecology – Fellowship in Sustainable Urban Food Systems

The Center for Urban Ecology at Butler University invites applications for a three-year Fellowship in Sustainable Urban Food Systems to assist in research, outreach, and public program coordination in Indianapolis. Applicants with training in sustainable agriculture, urban ecology, urban planning, environmental policy, environmental studies, or related discipline are encouraged to apply. Master’s degree is required and PhD is highly desirable. Experience using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software is desirable. Applicants with experience and interest in interacting with culturally diverse groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Fellow will work with faculty and staff in the Center for Urban Ecology as well as the leaders in the food system of Indianapolis to accelerate recent initiatives connecting urban ecology to urban agriculture (UA), UA to Indianapolis communities, and Indianapolis communities to their broader foodsheds. Specific tasks include:

· Development of programmatic activities that link existing and future UA sites with the larger Indianapolis food system and pilot programmatic activities at a established site based on ecological principles

· Collaboration with academic researchers and other stakeholders to use a geodatabase to produce research and outreach materials related to UA and facilitate dissemination of these materials

· Development of methodologies to evaluate the effectiveness of existing and future UA programmatic activities at accomplishing community development, food access, and/or environmental restoration goals

· Working with CUE staff and other leading stakeholders to establish a Food Council for Indianapolis

· Teach one course in the fall and spring semesters in urban ecology or a related subject in the applicant’s area of expertise

Salary is commensurate with experience. The Fellow will also be provided with full benefits including health insurance.

Butler University is committed to enhancing the diversity of the student body and our faculty and staff. In addition, hiring and other employment-related decisions are made on the basis of an individual’s qualifications, past experience, overall performance and other employment-related criteria. It is the policy of the University to provide equal opportunities for employment and advancement for all individuals regardless of age, gender, race, religion, color, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other legally-protected category.

Review of applications will begin April 13, 2012. We anticipate a start date in Summer 2012. Electronic applications will be accepted in a single pdf file. Please send cover letter, curriculum vitae, unofficial transcripts, a two-page statement of research and professional interests, and three letters of reference to:

Timothy Carter, Director

Center for Urban Ecology

Butler University

4600 Sunset Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46208

Monday, March 5, 2012

Attorney Advisor for USAID in D.C.

For more information, visit:

Job Title:Attorney Advisor

Agency:U.S. Agency for International Development

Job Announcement Number:2012-GC-01-BAT


$105,211.00 to $136,771.00 / Per Year


Wednesday, February 29, 2012 to Wednesday, March 14, 2012




Full-time - Permanent




1 vacancy(s) - Washington, DC, USView Map


Applications will be accepted from United States Citizens.


USAID's headquarters is centrally located in downtown Washington, DC, at the prestigious Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center on 14th and Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. We are located right on the Federal Triangle Metro (Blue and Orange Lines). The office is within walking distance of restaurants, shops, Smithsonian Institution museums and Washington Monument. USAID is listed as one of the top ten best places to work in the federal Government by the Office of Personnel Management's survey.

The United States for International Development (USAID), which implements the U.S. Government's economic and humanitarian foreign assistance program, seeks applications for an attorney in the Office of General Counsel's Regional sections. The attorney will provide necessary legal support on a broad array of matters involving USAID Regional programs.


  • Background Security Investigation
  • Random Drug Test for illegal drug use
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Specialized Experience and Education
  • Local and/or International Travel may be required