Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Assistant to the President at Slow Foods USA

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Slow Food USA is a non-profit organization working to create a just and sustainable food system. With 225 volunteer-led chapters across the country, representing more than 25,000 members and reaching a network of 250,000 people, Slow Food USA advocates for food and farming policy that is good for the public, good for farmers and workers, and good for the planet; creates youth programs to bring the values of eating local, sustainable and just food to schools and campuses; and preserves and promotes vanishing foods and food traditions. The Slow Food USA national headquarters is located in Brooklyn, NY.

The Assistant to the President and Manager of Special Projects will work closely with the president to aid him in moving forward Slow Food's strategic objectives. In addition, through managing, overseeing, and/or supporting select special projects, the position will be instrumental in moving forward key initiatives, some directly linked to the president, some in coordination with other staff. The work will be a combination of administrative support, coordination, and project management. It will be a fast paced job that will put you at heart of the food movement. While there will be some intense administrative functions, at its core, it willnot be a purely administrative job. The Assistant will be on a team, with the president, working to make sure we get done what needs to get done so that Slow Food can be successful in serving its members and leaders and changing our relationship to food and farming. Lastly, the position will require excellent judgement, discretion, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a commitment to do whatever it takes to move forward Slow Food's mission.