Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Farm and Food Policy Analyst at Cornucopia Institute

For more information visit: www.cornucopia.org/Jobs/Farm_and_Food_Policy_Analyst_JobDescription.pdf

The Cornucopia Institute is seeking a fulltime employee to join its team conducting research and investigations into organic and sustainable food and farming production practices. This individual will also be involved with networking and communicating with farmers, consumers, food processors, retailers, organic certifiers and other NGOs. A heartfelt passion for protecting the environment, the good food movement, humane livestock husbandry and social/economic justice for family farmers is imperative.

The Cornucopia Institute is a farm policy research group focusing on research and education. It has become one of the most preeminent and aggressive organic and sustainable food and farming watchdogs. We seek to protect the integrity of the organic food label from governmental regulatory indifference as well as from agribusinesses cutting corners so as to profiteer from unethical and questionable food and agricultural practices.

Primary responsibilities for this position include:

Performing investigative projects under the direction of senior Cornucopia staff.

Developing documents and reports on investigative projects.

Interacting with farmers, corporate officials, retailers, and the media.

Providing materials for promulgating news releases and for posting on Cornucopia’s webpage, in Cornucopia’s newsletter, and through its social media outreach.

Attending relevant conferences and meetings (governmental, agricultural, trade shows, networking with other NGOs, etc.).