Monday, April 25, 2016

Food Systems Consultant -- Washington State

The Washington State Food System Roundtable (FSRT) is looking for an
individual or a firm to work with our existing membership for approximately
eight months throughout the remainder of 2016.

Consultant Services Requested:  We want to build support to strengthen
Washington’s food system and are looking for individuals/firms that will
effectively communicate the Roundtable goals, successfully engage
stakeholders, and identify the most viable stewardship of the vision and
action strategies.

At this juncture we are looking for letters of interest (LOI) by May 10, 2016
from prospective consultants in two distinct areas:
1.      Staff Support:
Eight months of staffing support for furthering the work of the Roundtable.
This includes deep stakeholder engagement, preparing for and facilitating
Coalition meetings, finalizing the Prospectus and supporting the development
of a sustainable Stewardship model to ensure long-term sustainability.
2.      Communications:
Develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy to effectively
promote our work.

For the full version of this solicitation please email