Monday, June 27, 2016

Teaching Positions, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, North Carolina State University

Lecturer, Agriculture & Resource Economics

Position Number 00105219

The Lecturer position will have full responsibility for teaching ARE 309 course (Environmental Law and Economic Policy) in the Fall of 2016 and Spring of 2017. The course is designed to touch upon some of the major areas of environmental law while providing an understanding of the institutional structures that support these laws to students in the Agricultural Business Management major and many others majors for which a basic understanding of environmental law is useful.

Course topics include: a basic understanding of the American federal system in the context of environmental law; basic administrative procedure for environmental regulations; the National Environmental Policy Act; constitutional issues; air quality regulations; water pollution; rights to use water; management of hazardous and solid waste; hazardous substance remediation; local environmental controls; preservation of natural areas; energy and the environmental issues, as well as other current relevant issues.

Responsibilities include teaching a lecture section and advising students each week, as well as writing, administering, and grading exams and any other assessments the lecturer uses in the course.

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Agricultural Law Lecturer

Position Number 00100514

Develop and conduct an undergraduate teaching program in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics in agricultural law. Teaching will be conducted for the two year Associate Degree (Agricultural Institute) program and the four year (Baccalaureate) undergraduate program. The Lecturer will teach six sections or courses per year – fall and spring semesters in the areas of agricultural law. This will include both domestic and international aspects of the food and agricultural contract system (from a legal perspective). The Lecturer will develop course material suitable for delivery through distance education media and approximately two of the sections or courses taught will be via Distance Education. The person in this position will also have significant responsibilities in advising students (and optional student departmental club activities). Summer teaching opportunities may exist.

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