Saturday, July 23, 2016

Food Systems Specialist - Arizona Dept of Health Services

Phoenix, AZ: Food Systems Specialist - Health Program Manager II Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity with the Arizona Dept of Health Services Summary: This position is responsible for Advancing Arizona’s efforts to promote and increase access to healthy, affordable and locally grown food. The Food Systems Specialist is responsible for providing training and technical assistance to local farmers and businesses, developing policies, and building partnerships with external partners to promote policy change initiatives for healthy eating. This position is responsible for writing state plans to obtain federal grants, planning for services, overseeing contractors through the ADHS procurement processes, planning budgets and payments for services, and writing policies and procedures. Responsibilities include: – Providing leadership in planning, developing, coordinating, evaluating, and implementing comprehensive policy, systems, and environmental change strategies related to food systems to prevent obesity and chronic diseases. – Assisting with or leading trainings, workshops, and conferences in order to increase knowledge related to food systems. – Planning, conducting, and evaluating trainings for authorized growers, markets, and local agencies. – Providing technical assistance to local agencies, local agriculture industries, growers, and communities. – Recruiting and maintaining partnerships with hunger advocates, local agricultural industries, government agencies, food banks, farmers’ market managers and supporters, growers, retailers, and others. – Supporting a diverse multi-cultural workforce that reflects the community, promotes equal opportunity at all levels of ADHS, and creates an inclusive work environment that enables all individuals to perform to their fullest potential free from discrimination. See the full job posting and learn how to apply here: -- Kate Nault O'Neill