Friday, March 10, 2017

Director of Innovation, Good Food Institute

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is on the forefront of the movement to use food technology and markets to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, from climate change and global hunger to antibiotic efficacy and the exploitation of billions of animals annually. The Good Food Institute’s Director of Innovation will have an critical role in ensuring that a good food future happens as quickly and efficiently as possible. At GFI, you will work with entrepreneurs and scientists to create new companies that will develop the latest innovations in plant-based and “clean meat,” dairy, and eggs; help current companies be successful; and create direct competition with conventional animal products—thereby driving millions of dollars into these sectors and transforming the food system.
How You Will Make a Difference
As GFI’s Director of Innovation, you will build and manage a team that is laser-focused on moving the best and most successful entrepreneurs, tissue engineers, synthetic biologists, plant biologists, and others into plant-based and clean food technology—both as founders of new food technology companies and as employees at companies GFI is helping to found and build. You will do this by:
  • Managing all aspects of the Innovation Department, including supervising staff, overseeing department budgeting and spending, creating and implementing expansion plans, and providing visionary leadership.
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans that address the needs of new and developing food companies, identifying product gaps, and making recommendations for new companies to fill the space.
  • Overseeing and assisting with writing and editing business plans, conducting market research and branding exercises, recruiting top talent, and mentoring our partners on all aspects of starting and running a company.
  • Building a dynamic team that will envision, develop, and support innovative companies and create forward-thinking plans for new foods, technologies, and growth in the good food space.
  • Creating engaging webinars and speaking at top business schools to highlight the expertise and innovations needed in the field and to inspire more business students, entrepreneurs, and scientists to get involved.
For more information and to apply, visit the Good Food Institute website.