Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Director; The Network for Public Health Law

The Network for Public Health Law Seeks a Director to Lead National Efforts

The Network for Public Health Law has launched a nationwide search for a Director of its National Coordinating Center (NCC), based at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, MN. This leadership position will help steer the course of public health law and ensure the Network’s success as a catalyst for a healthier nation.

The Network was created in 2010 to improve America’s health by helping those who grapple with the legal complexities of emergency preparedness, food safety, environmental health, health care reform, data privacy and the many other pressing challenges of modern public health. The Network strives to build the field of public health law, strengthen the role of law in public health practice, and foster connections among practitioners, attorneys and others committed to improving health.

The Network is led by the Director of the National Coordinating Center, who serves as a “leader of leaders” in designing and achieving a compelling vision for the Network’s future. The Director leads operations of the Network and the NCC, serves as the Network’s spokesperson and liaison with national partners, coordinates the work of five Regional Centers across the U.S., and ensures consistent and effective responses to key public health law issues.

The full position description and application process can be viewed on the Network’s website.