Monday, June 10, 2013

Executive Director; Committee for Green Foothills


Committee for Green Foothills (CGF) is a vocal and well-respected conservation organization that has played a vital role in protecting much of the open space and natural beauty of the San Mateo and Santa Clara counties through advocacy, education, and grassroots action. We are rooted in the communities in which we work, and use a highly local, neighborly approach to effect change. We believe our impressive 50-year track record of success has benefited the quality of life of everyone who lives in the Bay Area, as well as that of generations to come. The recent opening of the Devil's Slide Tunnel Bypass, which was the successful resolution of an issue CGF pursued for more than 4 decades, illustrates CGF's effectiveness and determination to protect important resources as well as working with all parties for creative solutions. 

Advocacy is the mainstay of CGF’s work. We are a crucial and consistent voice for strong General Plan policies, zoning regulations, and controls over development to ensure protection of open spaces and sensitive habitats. Advocacy mobilizes the public, helps our leaders make educated and conscientious decisions, and mitigates or halts destructive development proposals. The Bay Area’s land trusts and open space agencies directly benefit from CGF’s work. 

CGF is a member-based organization that has a robust yearly calendar of programs including farm and watershed tours, lectures and presentations on special topics of interest to our members, and an annual fundraising and membership event, "Nature’s Inspiration." 

While advocacy is the major focus of our work, organizational leadership, fundraising, and effective collaboration to support advocacy are the primary areas of focus for this position. The next several years will provide the incoming Executive Director with a rewarding leadership opportunity in a relatively small, but highly credible organization that works with a variety of community and environmental organizations in the Bay Area. Starting with a deep support for our mission, and together with our committed membership base, talented staff, dedicated board, and supportive community leaders, the next Executive Director will work in partnership with the Board and staff to:

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