Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senior Consultant - Agralytica

Agralytica, a research and consulting company in Alexandria, VA offering services to the agricultural and food sectors, is seeking a senior consultant.  The senior consultant will play a key role in business development and project management.  There is a special focus on crop insurance product development and evaluation, although consulting assignments frequently cover a range of other agriculture and food issues.

The post will interest applicants with wide experience of consulting in the agriculture sector and with qualifications in agriculture, economics, marketing, or business.  The applicant should be adaptable and capable of supporting the range of agricultural sector assignments expected when working in a successful and highly regarded consulting company.

The position is open to mid-career candidates seeking greater project and business responsibility.  All applicants MUST have knowledge and understanding of the agricultural and food sectors.  The benefits package depends on the experience of the candidate.

To apply, please contact Salli Diakova by email (sdiakova@agralytica.com) with the subject line “Senior consultant post”.  Include in the e-mail or in an attached file a résumé and a letter indicating why you are interested in the post and why you feel you are a suitable candidate.