Friday, September 30, 2011

Legal Counsel at Glaceau (Coca-Cola) in Whitestone, NY

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Position Overview:

This on-site counsel provides critical advice and input on annual Glacéau business plans to grow the portfolio (including risks and opportunities) as well as advice and counsel on the myriad of marketing and brand growth activities (e.g., digital ads, PR plans, sponsorship & talent agreements, sweepstakes & promotions, etc.)

Glaceau counsel regularly interfaces (on legal/regulatory risk, internal process compliance and competition issues) with the General Manager of the Glacéau business (and his direct reports) as well as the leadership of the Glacéau operational team in Coca-Cola Refreshments resident in Whitestone.

This counsel is the main Whitestone, N.Y. contact for the Glacéau business teams in managing and maintaining the legal/Science and Regulatory Affairs review and approval processes for the production of all Glacéau brand efforts. This lawyer is also a key member of the Glacéau business' business review/ productivity processes such as Stages and Gates and the Monthly Operating Team meetings.

Glaceau legal counsel plays a key role in ensuring alignment between the Coca-Cola North America and Coca-Cola Refreshments business and legal teams. Counsel must gain sufficient understanding of the business to address legal review gaps that may surface as a result of the recent CCNA/CCR business integration to ensure that the operational and commercialization work is aligned with the strategic plans for the Glacéau brands. This role also coordinates with CCR business and legal teams to address governance risk and litigation risk issues.