Monday, September 26, 2016

Career Opportunities in Agricultural & Food Law

When considering an LL.M. in Agricultural & Food Law from the University of Arkansas School of Law, it’s important to consider the career opportunities available upon gaining this credential. Fortunately, the career opportunities in food and agricultural law are numerous, diverse, challenging and rewarding.

For those interested in traditional law firm careers, the LL.M. in Agriculture & Food Law provides specialized education which prepares you to competently advise and represent your clients on issues such as food and beverage regulation; land tenure and estate transfer; and state and federal agricultural and food standards and regulations. These practice areas combine public health concerns and environmental issues with producer and consumer rights. They can provide the basis for a transactional practice or involve challenging and cutting-edge litigation.

The United States Government also offers career opportunities for LL.M. graduates. Agencies such as the USDA and the FDA regulate the food and beverage industries; the USDA administers the extensive federal farm programs. Some positions with the government offer an opportunity to effect policy development; others help to enforce established regulations.

There are many non-profit organizations which seek to advocate on food system issues such as food security, the fair and equitable treatment of farm laborers, environmental protection or the conservation of our agricultural lands. For the LL.M. Agriculture & Food Law graduate, these career opportunities provide an opportunity to impact the legal arena and also impact individual lives.

Finally, as more and more universities recognize the significant value of agriculture and food law courses, academics may be an area where you seek a career. These academic positions may be found in traditional law school environments; extension positions or colleges of agriculture; or university sponsored programs such as the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

This blog post represents only a brief overview of some of the career opportunities available to graduates of the University of Arkansas LL.M. Program in Agricultural & Food Law. If you have questions, comments, or would like more information please contact

Dinah Brothers, LL.M. Candidate