Monday, January 27, 2014

Sustainability Program Coordinator - Homegrown Minneapolis Food Policy Initiative

Sustainability Program Coordinator 
Minneapolis, MN

Application Dates

Open Wednesday, January 22, 2014 to Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Salary Range
$60,189 up to $82,586
Application Process
ALL applicants MUST submit a completed:
* City of Minneapolis online application
* Cover letter and resume
Resumes are NOT being accepted in place of an official City of Minneapolis application.  Applicants failing to follow the application process will not be considered.   Please email your cover letter and resume to
Position Information
Work closely with City Staff, Elected Officials, and the Community in developing, informing, implementing, and monitoring the Citys Homegrown Minneapolis efforts and other sustainability programs as assigned. Homegrown Minneapolis is a citywide initiative expanding Minneapolis¿ ability to grow, process, distribute, eat and compost more healthy, sustainable, locally grown foods and strengthen the local economy.
Job Duties
* Manage and implement Homegrown Minneapolis initiative by working with a variety of organizational partners including city departments and elected officials, community organizations, technical assistance providers, local lending institutions, educational institutions, restaurants, coops, stores and local food producers.
* Lead the staffing efforts for the Minneapolis Food Council including agenda setting and minutes drafting; provide information and analysis in planning, developing and facilitating the work of work groups/task forces as needed.
* Coordinate the Minneapolis City Trees program whereby city property owners can order trees at a discounted price via Tree Trust, a local non-profit organization.
* Identify and advocate for policies, systems, ordinances and/or changes to official City documents. Appropriately engage city residents in identifying and advocating for such changes. Draft these and provide staffing assistance to assure passage and implementation by appropriate decision-makers.
* Provide leadership in development and delivery of outreach, community events, educational programs and materials. Build and coalesce a diverse constituency committed to improving an urban food system.
* Manage and work collaboratively with multi-disciplinary project work teams including drafting the project scope, scheduling meetings, completing tasks, facilitating meetings, garnering consensus on recommendations, and preparing reports/presentations.
* Prepare and make presentations to groups, residents, and elected officials.
* Act as a liaison to create policies, promote sustainability and participate in community-wide projects.
* Provide training and support for City staff and elected officials on sustainability/ food related issues.
* Manage operational activities of the program or project, including record keeping, computer applications, etc.
* Identify potential funding sources and financial incentives for implementing projects, prepare grant applications and partnership proposals, seek sponsorships and manage grant compliance.
* Develop and administer budgets and contracts.
* Develop, monitor and measure related performance measures including benchmarking and best practice studies.
* Coordinate and maintain formal monitoring systems to ensure compliance with standards.
* Oversee the collection and organization of information for reports, case studies, and other documentation related to the project or program assigned.
Required Education
Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science, Physical Science, Community Health, Natural Science, or Biological Science; Urban Planning or other related field.
Required Experience
Five years of professional experience, working on sustainability principals and/or public health, with at least two years experience analyzing, developing and implementing policies relevant to large urban community food systems at local or state level.
An equivalent combination of education and experience closely related to the duties of the position MAY be considered.
Background Check
The City has determined that a thorough Police Department background check / investigation, criminal background check, and/or qualifications check may be necessary for certain positions with this job title.  Applicants may be required to sign an informed consent form allowing the City to obtain their criminal history and/or verify their qualifications in connection with the position sought.  Applicants who do not sign the informed consent form will not be further considered for the position.  After a conditional job offer, candidates will be required to pass a medical examination, which includes drug and alcohol screening and a job-related personnel assessment with a licensed psychologist.
Drug & Alcohol Testing
All job applicants must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test once a conditional offer of employment has been made. Applicants will be required to sign a notification and consent form prior to undergoing drug and alcohol testing. Applicants who do not consent to undergo drug and alcohol testing will not be required to do so and the City will withdraw the conditional job offer resulting in the job applicant no longer being considered for the position.
Other Qualifications
* Demonstrated knowledge and experience in addressing the resolution of complex environmental, public health and administrative issues.
* Demonstrated knowledge of urban food policy program and economic development issues, including current trends best practices and technical expertise to address such issues.
* Past experience providing staffing, leadership and coordination for a community coalition or council.
* Past experience working closely with community members and other stakeholders on food systems issues.  Ability to work effectively in both a local governmental setting and community settings.
* Demonstrated knowledge and experience with public engagement techniques and practices, including experience building engagement among diverse racial and ethnic communities and using engagement tools to build consensus. Ability to coordinate multiple projects at the same time and organize work to meet deadlines and conflicting priorities.
* Ability to plan and manage projects with multiple players and diverse issues.
* Ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with staff, representatives of government/private sector, and general public.
* Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills.
* Strong oral and written communication skills.
* Strong presentation skills to a wide variety of audiences on urban food policy and related issues.
* Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
* Ability to understand policy implications of issues and make appropriate recommendations.
* Creatively solve problems involving sensitive situations and issues.
* Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
* Preferred knowledge of contract and grant proposal preparation and management.
* Preferred knowledge of budget development and management.
Selection Process
Eligibility to be considered for the position will be determined by a rating of training and experience or oral examination (100%). It is very important to fully describe your education and work experience as it relates to this opening on your application form.  The City of Minneapolis Human Resource office reserves the right to limit the number in any phase of the selection process.
Applications Accepted
Dates: January 22, 2014 to February 12, 2014
Contact:  City of Minneapolis
Phone: 612-673-2282
Email Address: