Saturday, February 15, 2014

Assistant Editor - Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation, Inc.

Assistant Editor
National Income Tax Workbook

Job Description

The Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation, Inc. (LGUTEF) is seeking an Assistant Editor for the National Income Tax Workbook, an annual publication used to prepare about 28,000 tax practitioners for the income tax filing season. This is a part-time, independent contractor position that is paid on a flat fee with no fringe benefits, office, or support staff. The Assistant Editor can be located anywhere and communicate electronically with the Editors and others involved in writing the book.

The duties of the Assistant Editor of the National Income Tax Workbook include the following:

20 hours - Understand the National Income Tax Workbook style sheet and template well enough to use them in writing and editing and to answer questions from authors 

20 hours - Participate in weekly conference calls with the editors and publisher from May through 

80 hours - Write one chapter of the National Income Tax Workbook 

100 hours - Research tax issues for the National Income Tax Workbook as directed by the Vice President for 

120 hours - Edit three chapters of the National Income Tax Workbook 

60 hours - Proof read all final manuscripts of the National Income Tax Workbook

(400 hours total)

The successful candidate must have a working understanding of federal income taxation, including form preparation. Experience in researching and writing about tax issues and preparing tax returns is preferred. The candidate must be comfortable with and willing to learn about cutting edge technology for delivering educational materials via distance education and digital media. The candidate must have an advanced degree in economics, accounting, or a related field or be an enrolled agent, CPA, or attorney.

Compensation: The compensation for this position is competitive and commensurate with the candidate’s experience.

Submissions: Candidates should submit, by March 31, 2014, a vita/resume with contact information to Robert Achenbach, CAO at or by mail to the LGUTEF main office at 127 Young Rd., Kelso, WA 98626. Please include citations to publications and digital files of three or four articles.

About LGUTEF (from the web site

The Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation Inc. (LGUTEF), is a non-profit corporation organized by representatives of land grant universities that teach tax education programs for professional tax practitioners. Annually LGUTEF plans, writes and develops and publishes the "National Income Tax Workbook" which is needed to teach Workshops, Institutes, Seminars, and Forums in more than 30 states for over 29,000 tax professionals. The writing/development process includes a planning meeting in February of each year where all Workbook users are invited to evaluate the prior year's material and suggest topics for the next year. After consensus, we develop the topics - from 12-20 - that will be in the approximate 700 page Workbook for the year. The planning meeting is attended by most state coordinators and a select few of their key instructors. We share ideas for publicity - what works and what doesn't work. We share brochures and web site ideas. We discuss the financial issues that our programs face. Also we share administrative successes. Collaboratively we register our courses for accreditation by national organizations where possible.