Saturday, September 9, 2017

Buy The Farm!

Atlanta Harvest is looking for a new owner.

Atlanta Harvest is committed to producing naturally-grown food in the city. With an innovative high-tunnel farm design, we supply the city of Atlanta with fresh, leafy greens.

Atlanta Harvest presents a unique turnkey opportunity for an experienced farmer to purchase a fully operational urban farm in the heart of Atlanta. The farm features 6 -150€™ High Tunnels. These tunnels are optimized for ventilation and can produce year-round. Although many potential models could fit the space, the farm currently functions as a wholesale lettuce producer, regularly growing 1,500 pounds of lettuce per week for several established wholesale customers. During peak production, monthly revenues can average $12,000.
Current ownership is dedicated to local farming, and wants to provide a dedicated farmer with a long-term ownership opportunity. Ownership doesn't have farm expertise, and wants to transfer ownership to someone who does.

More details on business operations and terms here.