Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Manager for NABC in Mt. Vernon, WA

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Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) provides Northwest Washington farmers with skills and resources required to profitably and efficiently supply their products to consumers, retailers, wholesalers, foodservice operators and food manufacturers. This is done by delivering practical assistance to clients in the areas of business development, access to financing, technical skills, and production issues. Regional market development is a key focus area to facilitate market access for producers. The Puget Sound Food Network (PSFN) is an NABC project. The mission of PSFN is to increase the production, distribution, and consumption of regionally produced food in the Puget Sound market. NABC objectives are pursued and delivered with a sense of urgency.

Job Description:

This individual is responsible for managing projects for NABC. Projects generally involve these areas: technical support, access to marketing, access to financing, and infrastructure development. The project manager will be working with producers/entrepreneurs individually or in business groups to assist in identifying and making efficient decisions related to one or more of these areas of business development. This individual will be spending a significant amount of their time assisting in the development of and creating marketing opportunities for value-added products. The primary background required for supporting this area of client services is a first-hand understanding of the difficulties and challenges entrepreneurs face when developing a business. Wholesale or retail marketing experience is preferred. Experience with creating and implementing a business plan for an agriculture-related business is desired. A background that includes a working knowledge of county, agricultural, financial and educational support organizations would be beneficial.