Sunday, March 2, 2014

CRS Environmental Policy Analyst

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) Resources, Science and Industry Division (RSI) is seeking an Analyst in Environmental Policy (GS-11). This position will involve interdisciplinary research and analysis on public policy issues concerning environmental policy and science. Relevant expertises could include physical or biological sciences, engineering, and policy disciplines. Candidates with quantitative analytic skills (e.g., cost-benefit/risk analysis, life-cycle analysis, statistics, toxicological and risk assessment methods, geographic information systems, etc.) are especially urged to apply.

Applicants should have experience conducting objective policy analysis in these areas and must be able to work as part of a collaborative team. Strong writing, research, and presentation skills are essential.

Analyst duties include: locating and interpreting factual information; conducting research; preparing objective, non-partisan descriptive, background, and analytical reports; and participating in team research projects and seminars. The Analyst is also expected to develop over time the skills necessary to provide public policy and legislative analysis and consultation to congressional committees, Members, and staff at increasingly sophisticated levels.

Applications will be accepted until March 14, 2014.  For more information, see link below.