Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Intern - Ogallala Commons Community Internship (Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma, Ponca City, OK)

2014 Ogallala Commons Community Internship

 Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma, Ponca City, OK

This internship requires a graduate student with interest and skills related to agriculture and local food

production. Student should also have ability to assist in research and data collection and marketing of

the foods, produced by the organization to promote health and wellness in the Ponca Tribe community.

This internship will focus on building the local food production through the community garden and

livestock. The intern will assist in the day-to-day care of the gardens and livestock, as well as to collect

and record data on production of certain parts of the crop. The intern will also help lead a team of four

to five other garden workers. In addition, the intern would be responsible to help create a marketing

strategy for the produce. The internship will be a minimum of 240 hours with approximately 40 hours

per week, and the stipend payment will be $2,400 (the internship could extend to 500 hours). Intern

would need to live in or near White Eagle Health center. Housing will be provided for an out-of-town intern.

Main Objectives and Outcomes:

1) Oversee daily work in the garden

2) Help care for livestock

3) Collect data about the production of certain plants and help report findings to Oklahoma State


4) Assist in the care of poultry, especially by tracking egg production and how to increase


5) Help to market garden produce and eggs to the surrounding communities and businesses

6) Assist in logo design and branding strategy

As a participant in the Ogallala Commons Community Internship Program, interns will also meet the

following requirements (non-stipend time)

• With the internship supervisor, craft a Work Plan.

• Attend an Orientation.

• Create and publish 5 Internet blog posts with 10 photos during the internship period.

• Conduct an “Explore Your Community” exercise.

• Do 10 hours of Community Service during the internship.

• Prepare an Internship Portfolio (via PowerPoint) and present it at a Harvesting Ceremony.

• Complete an Evaluation of the internship, as well as receive an evaluation from the supervisor.

Internship Supervisors

Amos Hinton, Director of Agriculture, Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma

Veronica Dicus, Assistant Director, White Eagle Health Center, Ponca Tribal Health Authority

To apply for this internship online, visit:

Or contact Ogallala Commons Director, Darryl Birkenfeld, 806-945-2255,