Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Senior Regulatory Product Associate at Pioneer in Iowa

The Sr. Regulatory Product Associate assists with regulatory project plans and related activities for the Pioneer Regulatory Science, Operations, and Support (RSO&S) department. Job duties will primarily relate to supporting global regulatory managers and regulatory product managers with day-to-day operations associated with regulatory product portfolio. These duties will include assistance with managing active project plans, maintenance of internal regulatory documentation, and cataloging product-specific information. This position offers targeted regulatory product management career development through exposure and experiences to product management activities. It will provide the incumbent necessary experience and skills to qualify for future regulatory product management positions in RSO&S.
Assist with management of current regulatory project plans, associated activities, and various internal documentation. Communicate the outcome to the global regulatory manager/regulatory product manager and take directions on follow-up work. Take responsibility for population and maintenance of product-specific folder structure in the regulatory documentation management system. May assist global regulatory managers/regulatory product managers with development of new regulatory project plans, template and guidance documentation, and participate in regulatory planning. Assist with maintaining regulatory project plans for activities in emerging cultivation geographies. Support maintenance of literature reference collection for products and fulfill associated requests from US and global registration managers.

Problem Solving
Effectively conveys key facts and messages to regulatory science study directors, regulatory product managers, and global regulatory managers. Works on problems that are moderately complex in scope, such as identifying next steps/contact points to complete the follow-up on the study progress, consolidating information from emails, or determining appropriate placement of specific documentation within the product folder structure. Identifies issues or concerns to elevate to Management while exercising independent judgment.

Decision Making
Identifies priorities and timelines for completion. Determines most appropriate course of action with the assistance of global regulatory manager/ regulatory product manager.