Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Liaison Officer for Baltimarket Neighborhood Food Advocates - City of Baltimore, Dep't of Human Resources

Liaison Officer I (Baltimarket Community Health Organizer)

The Baltimore City Health Department seeks a Liaison Officer I (Community
Health Organizer) to lead the Baltimarket Neighborhood Food Advocates
initiative. The Community Health Organizer will act as a liaison between the
Baltimore City Health Department’s Baltimarket programs and the community and
will promote and coordinate Baltimarket programs.

About Baltimarket and the Baltimore City Health Department:Baltimarket is a suite of community-based Baltimore City Health Department
(BCHD) programs that promote health equity through healthy food access. Our
goal is to improve the health and wellness of Baltimore City residents by
using food access as a platform for community transformation.  Current
Baltimarket programs include the Virtual Supermarket Program and the
Neighborhood Food Advocates initiative.

About Neighborhood Food Advocates:The Baltimarket Neighborhood Food Advocates initiative aims to engage and
organize Baltimore City residents in food desert communities in order to
develop self-identified plans of addressing food insecurity. Neighborhood Food
Advocates works in tandem with the Baltimarket Virtual Supermarket Program.
The Virtual Supermarket is a first-nationally, award winning program that uses
online grocery ordering and delivery to bring food to community sites in food
desert neighborhoods. Neighborhood Food Advocates not only run Virtual
Supermarket sites day-to-day, but they also are active members of the
community interested in improving their local food environments. Neighborhood
Food Advocates build leadership capacity and educate fellow community members,
impacting personal behavior while creating social and environmental change in
Baltimore City.

Key Responsibilities:•       Grow and sustain Neighborhood Food Advocates initiative, acting as a
liaison between the BCHD’s Baltimarket programs and stakeholders in food
desert neighborhoods
•       Prepare reports and tools for the BCHD’s Baltimarket programs,
developing a power-building curriculum and spring convening to support
successful organizing and engagement efforts by Neighborhood Food Advocates
•       Facilitate Neighborhood Food Advocate community-specific strategizing
to address food equity, serving as a liaison between the BCHD’s Baltimarket
programs and stakeholders in food desert neighborhoods to resolve food access
problems and to solicit proposals and opinions on food equity programs and
•       Provide technical assistance to Neighborhood Food Advocates to
implement and sustain the Virtual Supermarket Project and other community-
identified projects, explaining current Baltimarket programs to interested or
concerned citizens and groups and advising community and neighbor groups on
resolving food access problems through collective action and the BCHD’s
Baltimarket programs
•       Work in collaboration with Baltimarket staff to ensure programs are
developed and implemented using a community-based, sustainable model, making
recommendations that note potential problems or strengths with a program’s
work among communities and the general public

Candidate Desirables:•       Possession of a valid driver’s license
•       Strong interpersonal skills and comfort working with diverse groups of
people; ability to deal effectively with individual citizens, community and
neighborhood groups and City, State and Federal agencies and officials and
ability to speak effectively before groups to promote and explain agency
programs, policies and projects
•       A long-standing and passionate commitment to the community and the
promotion of health equity
•       Demonstrated knowledge of food access policies and programs
•       Ability to prepare reports and to make proposals and recommendations
•       Previous organizing experience preferred

Profile and Requirements:•       A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and three
years of experience in community service work or administrative coordination
or an equivalent combination of education and experience required

To Apply:Apply for “Liaison Officer I” via the City of Baltimore Department of Human
by Nov. 30, 2013.